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Essential Resources believes that a love of lifelong learning will help build an equable and kind world.

To achieve our aspirations, we need to support our superstars – the teachers and parents who influence and educate children and young people today and the future generations. Our superstars are busy, smart and inspirational, so we work with expert educators, editors, designers and web developers and create solutions that help them be the best teacher they can be.

These resources support learning at home by providing parents and caregivers with the lesson plans, tools and strategies they need to make a difference. Each title support students’ learning through every stage of their education, ensuring they excel and can apply their learning to numerous meaningful contexts.



Let’s Get Coding

Apr 17, 2020 | Learning at home

Kia ora

Over the next few weeks I am delighted to share my special tips and tricks with parents and teachers, to help make learning at home the best it can possibly be.Angie Simmons

Here are some brilliant Technology ideas for online learning:

There are many ways parents can help children learn at home besides online learning. Here are some ideas:

  • Make a budget of money into the house and expenses needed to fit within the budget.
  • Create a special card for an elderly relative or friend.
  • Prepare a menu for the week and locate recipes to use.
  • Compile a shopping list for the menu using catalogues and add up the amount needed, making sure that this is within the budget.
  • Read books together and talk about them, discuss your favourite character.
  • Create a pie graph showing time allocated to events in the day.
  • Help to tidy and clean the house, learn the correct way to make a bed and clean the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Sort, count and classify items in the pantry.
  • Sort, classify and count using lego.
  • Look after the garden and learn how to care for indoor and outdoor plants.
  • Make a list of ways to keep safe at home.
  • Play learning games with caregivers and siblings – games like Monopoly teach financial literacy skills and other games encourage higher order thinking skills.
  • Go on a nature walk to identify plants, trees flowers and find interesting objects to bring home and study.

Happy learning!

Angie Simmons

Let's get coding

Teachers might also like Digital Fluency – Let’s Get Coding, which shows how to use coding to present and share learning or to power a device for learning in curriculum areas such as literacy, maths, social sciences and science.

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