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Essential Resources believes that a love of lifelong learning will help build an equable and kind world.

To achieve our aspirations, we need to support our superstars – the teachers and parents who influence and educate children and young people today and the future generations. Our superstars are busy, smart and inspirational, so we work with expert educators, editors, designers and web developers and create solutions that help them be the best teacher they can be.

These resources support learning at home by providing parents and caregivers with the lesson plans, tools and strategies they need to make a difference. Each title support students’ learning through every stage of their education, ensuring they excel and can apply their learning to numerous meaningful contexts.



In discussion: When did you decide to become a teacher?

Sep 16, 2020 | iUgo

We asked in-house teacher and marketing guru Bridget Higham, to tell us about her time in the classroom. What she loved, what was has changed and ways to keep that work-life balance in check.

For me, it was at the tender age of four. I had a blackboard in the backyard and my two-year-old neighbour, Nicky, was the solo student. Great student to teacher ratio, passionate staff, ideal natural environment and, perhaps most important of all, no after-hours schoolwork was needed.

I was HOOKED. It was a job that was going to give me leisurely weekends, lots of holidays and the social interaction I thrived on.

When I started teaching, I was still quite naive. To write my first set of reports, for 128 students, I set aside one afternoon. That. Was. A. Mistake. Then, when planning lessons, I would work late into the night designing resources and end up tired the next day. The lessons that I had put so much effort into fizzled because I didn’t have the energy to pull them off. I had to stop reinventing the wheel.

The problem is, what was once quite a sparse webscape with limited quality resources available, has now become inundated with options. A simple internet search for a lesson can yield numerous results. Then you circle back to either designing your own or tweaking other resources. It’s a slippery slope and before you know it, the work-life balance is completely out of whack and you don’t know how to fix it.

Teachables can fix it. The resources are:

  • Professionally designed
  • Engaging
  • Written for New Zealand and Australian teachers by quality educators
  • Have a huge variety of learning activities, games and lessons
  • Singular resources are SUPER cheap.

With Teachables, you can return to the reasons you became a teacher. Okay, I might not have the 1:1 teacher/student ratio from 1988, but at least evenings and weekends will not be spent agonising over lessons and the support material. My time will once again be my time.



Will Teachables help you return to the reasons you became a teacher?

Teachables are high quality, bite-sized lessons, activities and games created to reduce the time you spend searching for quality resources. Take back those precious hours and get on to Teachables now!
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